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Closing the Deal

Due Diligence: Establish the current juridical situation of Projects/Companies trough the measuring of risks in the following legal areas: (i) Corporate Law; (ii) Contracts (with Banks, Suppliers, Clients and Others Important Agreements); (iii) Real Estate; (iv) Labor Law; (v) Commercial Litigation; (vi) Tax Law; (vii) Sanitary / Environmental Law; and (viii) Intellectual Property; among other areas, according each case. To know more, click here

Structuring and Contract Negotiation: Development /Analysis /Negotiation of the Agreement of Sale and Acquisition of Business, aiming acquire the best juridical conditions to the Client, by a complete juridical perspective of the Business, which considers, as parts of the Agreement, juridical Mechanisms of protection concerning to: (a) clause of non-competition; (b) debts with suppliers and third service; (c) issues related to clients; (d) employees; (e) tax liabilities; (f) impacts, engendered by the Sale and Acquisition; (g) declarations of the parts about the accounting data of the Company(ies) which were audited; (h) conditions of Closing and of Payment; and other issues.

Private Equity (PE) & Venture Capital (VC): juridical acting since the structuring of the mechanisms which secure the investors, considering the situation of disinvestment of the investor.

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