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Rafael De Conti

Dr. Rafael De Conti is a Brazilian Lawyer with multidisciplinary practice on Finances, Corporate, Contracts, Tax and Litigation, advising foreign companies and investors in Brazil as well as Brazilian companies and investors operating internationally. Rafael is enrolled in the Brazilian Bar Association, Section of São Paulo, under the number 249.808, and acquired the Degree of Bachelor of Law by the Mackenzie Presbyterian University at the same time which he acquired the Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy by the University of São Paulo. He has, also, a Master Degree on Ethics and Political Philosophy, by the University of São Paulo, having studied the origin, functionality and limits of the State. Author of more than 4.500 pages on Law, Business, Philosophy, Ethics, Politics and Self Knowlegde.

Rafael De Conti | Rafael Augusto De Conti | Advogado OAB/SP 249.808


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