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Relationship: our business philosophy

We seek permanent relationships with our clients, always striving for transparency and timeliness in attendance and eternal quest for more effective results.

We believe they are our true partners and their problems, before be just a few more juridical cases to be solved, are also our problems and always special cases.


De Conti Law Office & International Clients


Principles of Relation


1. The professional relation between Lawyer and Client is based on trust.

2. The legal services shall be provided with efficiency, observing the deadlines, the focus of the specific service, the whole perspective of the client, and considering, yet, the passionate and intense concentration when performing the client's service.

3. The data of clients will be kept always in secrecy and will be protected observing the access of this data by the client trough our IT structure, in the "Private Area of Client”.

De Conti Law Office