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Tax Law in Brazil

The Tax Law area has its strategic essence by the fact which the heavy burden imposed by the State, on the Brazilian productive activities and services, impacts directly the costs of the business's activities. If you want to sell products and services in Brazil, it is mandatory understand and measure correctly the taxation.

We advise our clients with International and National Tax Planning, providing Legal Opinions for all species of taxes in Brazil (IRPJ, IRRF, IRPF, CSLL, COFINS, PIS/PASEP, INSS/CPP, ISSQN, ICMS, IPI, IOF, IE, II, ...), performing the interpretation and application of the tax norms in all levels of the State (Union, Federative States, Municipalities, Tax Treaties against Double Taxation), practicing tax law by a multi-disciplinary perspective with other legal fields, such as Corporate Law and Contracts. At the side of advisement services, the firm also provides services in Tax Litigation.


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