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Rafael De Conti

Rafael De Conti

Rafael De Conti has 20 years of Juridical Practice. He is a Lawyer passionate about Law as an Art, which means that he understands the Law as a precious means of expressing himself in the existence.

The fusion between his background in Law (Mackenzie University) and in Philosophy (USP - University of São Paulo), added to his life experience, created a Lawyer with a multidisciplinary practice, with expertise in Advisory and Litigation, from different areas of Law.

Advising and defending the interests of natural persons and companies, nationals and foreigners, for about 2 decades, Rafael has invested and continues to invest a good part of the life time to solve juridical problems.

A Polymath by nature and study, Rafael's other interests are Technology, Philosophy and Networking, being also a frequent visitor to Chambers of Commerce and Author of Books. ( rafaeldeconti.com).





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