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N e t w o r k i n g:
Presence & Human Assets


• Intelligence on networking for Business


Our net is Global: trough globobroking.com we are present in Brazil (Rafael De Conti, Eduardo Borges Leal) & India (Nishant Ahlawat, Avijit Singh, Sandeep Singh) & Italy (Francesco Tedioli) & Portugal (Davide Parrilli) & Portugal (João Santos Pinto) & other jurisdictions.


Our muscles in Brazil are based on net intelligence: trough rdloffice.com we can provide tailor-made teams to solve legal issues with skilled lawyers with power to compete against the best ones in the city of São Paulo.


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RDL Advogados




• Intellectual Cooperation | on International Level

We are engaged in the production of Workshops, Lectures, Online Courses and Papers with our international connections (see an example).



• ICT | Information and Communications Technology

We care about not only with the personal relationship to the client, and with the timeliness in attendance, but, also, with the features of info.rmation technology, making distances reduced to a simple mouse click or a virtual conference.








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