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Litigation: the art of convincing

Follow the law, of the most strict way as possible, or, when the situation require, contest the law by every possible means, reinterpreting it and seeking for its shortcomings, is what we do to defend the interests of our clients.

But is not only by structured procedural stratagems, and by cutting-edge research, that is made our litigation area; we believe that the relationship with the Judiciary, dedicated to a deep investigation of the way of think of each judge, and of the experience of each judge, is what, in many cases, brings the win in the Courts. Then, for us, we are always carrying three persons: ourselves, our opponent and the judge ("Unus sustineo tres Personas; mei, adversarii, et judicis" - Cícero).

We act in Judicial Sphere (State and Federal), as well as in Regulatory Sphere (CVM - Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil, ANVISA - Brazilian Agency of Sanitay Vigilance, and others Agencies), with highlight to Litigation of Corporate Area and Tax Litigation.


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