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De Conti Law Office



We export legal services to Foreign Holding Companies and Law Offices in Europe (Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, ...) helping them to operate and get access to the Brazilian markets and business investment opportunities. Other jurisdictions, like China, Japan and US are also connections of work.


Brazil, an exporter of commodities and importer of technology, with huge natural resources and a consumer market in developement, is the perfect place in Latin America to foreign investors and international commerce. But such as everything which is good has its price, foreign investors will find here a complex tax system, understandable only for the best experts: it is here that we enter; to advice your company, e.g. we provide legal advice on international tax planning, with legal knowledge and alliances in several European jurisdictions, like Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal and Italy.


Tax Law, Corporate Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Contractual Law, Intellectual Property Law, Information and Technology Law, applied to M&A/PE/VC operations, Start-Ups, Direct Foreign Investments and International Commerce, are some of our practices on sectors of Economy such as Finances and Capital Markets, Agribusiness and Food, IT, Real Estate, among others. A trustfull and efficient Brazilian Law Office, with skilled lawyers, and practices focused on International Business, is what De Conti Law Office is.








De Conti Law Office